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Our Story


           We are a family run program led by our faith. On December 23rd 2017, our family was in a terrible car accident. Everyone in the accident walked away with minor bumps and bruises but still needed to be inspected by the paramedics. Our four year old son was terrified from the experience and did not want to be examined in the ambulance. The bright lights, men and women in strange uniforms, plus the traumatic experience of the accident itself was too much for our little guy, and no matter how hard we tried, we could not provide the comfort he needed.  What made all the difference in the world was when one of the paramedics jumped into the ambulance and returned with an adorable stuffed lizard. The distress on our son’s face melted away and he found great comfort in this act of kindness, and continued with his exam. The stuff lizard was later named Leroy and continues to be symbol of security and kindness in our son’s life.

           The mission and vision of Love for Lambs is to provide each child in distress with the comfort of a stuffed animal. We take new stuffed animals and attach a small prayer for each child that needs the cuddle of a stuffed animal to help feel them safe and know they are in someone’s prayers.  Our goal is to provide a Love for Lambs stuffed animal to all first responders in our community for any child in need of a good cuddle. Our family promises to pray for each child and their family that receives a stuffed animal.


I was born and raised in Delano and have a deep passion for giving back to the children in my community. I'm happily married to Chuck and am a mommy of two. I have also been an educator since 2006 and have served some amazing students over the years. I believe every child deserves to feel safe and loved, so when I saw the impact a stuffed animal had on my own child, I knew we had to bring this program to our home town. My goal is to get every first responder in our area supplied with a stuffed animal for a child in need of comfort.


I love working with kids and have also been in education for many years. The Love for Lambs project has really taken off and I'm super excited to be a part of it.  I love not only helping children in the community but also teaching our children the importance of being involved in something bigger than yourself and the impact of helping others. My wife Megan and I have worked really hard to get Love for Lambs started, and  I'm excited to see this program grow and help children in our own town and maybe someday even more. 


Ruben and Linda.PNG
Ruben & Linda

 We grew up in Delano and decided to raise our four children here. We are recently retired and enjoy spending time with our 7 grandchildren and have a deep passion for serving the Lord. After witnessing the impact the stuffed animal had on our grandson after the car accident, we were excited to help establish Love for Lambs in our own town.

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